1. The rule of law, including how our legal system works, how the law impacts refugees in their daily lives, and where to seek help for legal problems.  
  2. Criminal law issues identified as being of concern to refugees, including juvenile laws, traffic laws, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, theft, court procedures including failure to appear, and reporting of crimes.
  3. Immigration issues, including compliance with immigration laws, status of non-refugee family members, trafficking as related to family members, and crimes that can cause deportation for immigrants and refugees.
  4. Housing issues, including fair and affordable housing options, government programs, leases, repairs, landlord-tenant relations, and sources of redress.
  5. Family law issues, including marriage and divorce, child custody, child support, parental responsibilities, and abuse and neglect.
  6. History and purpose of assistance programs, fraud and due process rights regarding assistance programs, and an overview of the major assistance programs available in Ada County.
  7. Employment issues, including discrimination, harassment, OSHA, worker’s compensation, employment-related taxes, and overtime pay.
  8. Banking and money issues, including payday loans, credit transactions, consumer rights and responsibilities, travel loans, and scams.
  9. Malicious harassment, including how to deal with threats and hate speech and where to go for help and protection.
  10. Setting up a business, including accounting, taxes, financing, insurance, and   resources available for assistance.
  11. Education and public school issues.